So excited to be part of this Farm to Table project

Farm to table on Curacao

+-*I’m normally not that big on food hypes, but when it comes to Farm-to-Table hypes I’m all in! Although it seems to become more than a hype, Farm-to-Table is a very favourable hype for local farmers, local entrepreneurs and a great hype for Food Revolution Curacao.

Pom: a Suriname classic

Pom – a Suriname classic

+-*My dear friend Ramona has introduced me to the Suriname kitchen. In this workshop we cooked up a Pom storm. The main …

Squash It sandwich

Squash It Sandwich

+-*Whoop here it is! The signature dish for Food Revolution Day 2015! Honestly? At first I didn’t think this combination would be …

Helmi & I : The Curacao ambassadors

Food Revolution Day 2015

+-*I’ve had the privilege to be part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution for a few years now and this year is sure …