Farm Fun Holiday workshops

Spring time on the farm, all is blooming and there are lots of babies!
After the Easter Weekend I’m sure you’re all ready to go play, explore, and cook!
Join us for a morning (or more) during the Eater Holidays where we explore the farm, the animals and get up to all sorts of yummy spring cooking!The morning programme starts with a cold drink and a wholesome nibble. During this time I will explain what we’ll get up to for the morning and this will ensure that we’re all hydrated and energised to explore.

Depending on the ingredients needed for the cooking part of the programme, we might need to collect some eggs, pick a few veggies, or even dig out some root vegetables.

Back at the workshop station we have another moment to chill and enjoy a cold drink. We discuss the freshly gathered ingredients and how we can prepare them.

By then it’s time to cook! Let’s whizz up a wholesome light lunch together using the farm fresh ingredients.

If time allows we will also start looking at innovative ways to plant seeds and grow our own vegetables.

Be sure to register for this Farm Fun holiday plan!
Tue 18th April – Thursday 20th April from 9:00 – 12:00
Mon 24th April – Wednesday 26th April from 9:00 – 12:00
Costs are Naf75,- for a day or Naf 150,- for 3 days.

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