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What’s cooking? New classes starting soon!

As the school holidays draw to an end, I’m looking back at a buzzing summer, filled with cooking, gardening and loads and loads of laughter and fun!

During the coming few months I’ll be getting up to all sorts of weekly fun from the cooking studio at the ‘kunuku’ house.
With sufficient sign-ups we’ll start the programmes from Monday 20 August, see you there! 

Cooking and growing classes for kids

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Summer on Curacao

Summer officially starts on 21st June, so only a few more sleeps!
Here is an overview of our kids activities during summer on Curacao, programmes filled with farm style fun, the great outdoors no matter the weather!Read More »Summer on Curacao

Moestuintje foster programme

Yay! The joy and happiness in the store (Van den Tweel)  when the little box-veggie gardens finally arrived on Curacao! Such a fun concept and kids just love it! (Adults too, so I’m told!)
There is something about planting a seed, caring for it and watching it grow…some says it’s part of our nature, our DNA, our ‘ancient’ selves.
Well whatever makes your plant grow, we at Fundashon Let’s Grow Together think it’s an awesome idea too.


Bring your seedlings to Hofi Cas Cora this Saturday!

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Long Weekend on Curacao

Long weekend – Kids Activities

These days are just crazy right? two days school, three days off, or worse (for parents) one day school, one day off, three days school…. the logistics! Really! But no complaining from this side as we are blessed to be living on a Caribbean island so diverse as Curacao is. So we embrace those ‘funny’ school weeks and take ourselves to the beach on a Tuesday morning, just ‘cos we can 😉 just to stretch that long weekend a little longer!
So with another crazy week ahead, we’re organising a few fun filled farm days too as the beach and the pool do get a bit much at times 😉

Long Weekend on Curacao

Long Weekend on Curacao

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Spring Break holiday activities

This Spring Break holiday marks the start of a new season, a season of growth 🙂
After the rain we’ve experienced during February this really is a great time to visit the farm. All the trees are blossoming, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and the chicks are growing so fast!

Lots to see and do on the farm this Spring Break

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Food art workshops

Let’s play with our food!
Join us for this engaging creative food art workshop, where kids can express their creativity with food! The workshop will awaken their creative senses while helping them to understand the nutritional value of the various food types.

Food Art workshops Curacao

Food Art workshops for kids


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Grow your Own programme

The Grow your Own programme teaches kids how we can plant in different ways, re-use materials and conserve water to irrigate the plants.
During this Grow your Own programme the kids will learn where our food comes from and gives them a foundation of culinary skills, by cooking up a light bite using mostly local ingredients.Grow your Own 2017Read More »Grow your Own programme

BBQ workshops

Barbecue, BBQ, Braai, Barby, whatever you want to call it, this type of cooking is mostly associated with blue skies, sunny weather and good vibes. Good news for all of us in the Caribbean as we have all of these all year round. During the… Read More »BBQ workshops