Up-cycled Edible School Garden

Just like most populated areas of the world, Curacao too has a trash problem. In order to create a greater awareness and reduce pollution Muriel’s Kitchen and the fantastic sponsors, are proud to present the ‘Up-cycled Edible School Garden’ programme.
With this programme we strive to create an edible school garden using mostly recycled materials, according to the ‘ Reuse, Reduce and Recycle’ motto.

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Happy Spring Days on Curacao

Happy spring break on Curacao

Spring time in the Caribbean is a little different from the ‘traditional’ spring image we see in the general media around us. Although most chicks here are yellow and the flowers bloom and blossom, Caribbean spring is just different. To celebrate our unique climate we’re having a Happy Spring Break on Curacao this year!

Happy Spring Days on Curacao

Happy Spring Days on Curacao

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Seed to School programme Curacao

Seed to School garden on Curacao
Gardening helps children understand how to care for living organisms, the foundations of growing, maturity, competition, cooperation and harvesting. School gardens can help the children learn better emotionally and academically.

By learning to care for and understanding the growth process a fruit or vegetable has to go through to reach maturity (ready to eat), kids will develop an understanding of nature’s importance in their lives and in the lives of other living beings. This will give the kids a greater sense of self sustainability and will boots their overall self-esteem.

Understanding the growth process, the taste and texture will also assist in positively developing the kids’ (healthier) eating habits, thus reducing the development of (childhood-) obesity.

Study has shown by introducing a routine of caring for the garden has reduced moods and eases anxiety. Caring and working together on the garden also has shown an increase in the kids’ ability to understand and share the feelings of others.


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Restaurant Week on Curacao

It’s almost here again: Restaurant Week 2018 on Curacao! Last year was really nice, I can’t wait to go on a yum-yum munching trip again! What?Yes, I’m bringing our KIDS!!! Bowahaha! If you don’t try you’ll never know right?!? I mean they (the kids) have to learn sometime right? RIGHT?!? :{

Restaurant week Curacao with kids

Bring the kids to Restaurant Week 2018

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October holiday activities

October is a nice month if you ask me 🙂 This month has a bit of everything: autumn in most of the Northern hemisphere, spring in most of the Southern hemisphere, pretty colours of the leaves, celebration of World Animal Day, in October most schools take a short ‘October holiday’, on Curacao we get to celebrate our independence day and October marks the month of the pumpkin and Halloween of course for those into the scary stuff of life. We have plenty of October holiday activities scheduled!

October holiday activities Curacao

October holiday activities

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What’s cooking? New classes starting soon!

As the school holidays draw to an end, I’m looking back at a buzzing summer, filled with cooking, gardening and loads and loads of laughter and fun!

During the coming few months I’ll be getting up to all sorts of weekly fun from the cooking studio at the ‘kunuku’ house.
With sufficient sign-ups we’ll start the programmes from Monday 20 August, see you there! 

Cooking and growing classes for kids

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